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The Moon Hare, also known as the Jade Hare (玉兔 yù tù) or Golden Hare (金兔 jīn tù), resides on the moon in the Moon Palace (月宫 yuè gōng) where it uses it's pestle and mortar to create the Ellixir of Immortality (仙药 xiān yào) and other such medicines for the deities in Heaven.

Similar to how ancient civilizations created images out of the stars (constellations), the hare and it's pestle and mortar were created by the dark patches on the moon. 

Moon Hare 月兔 (yuè tù)
Status: Deity
Gender: Unknown
Pronunciation: (audio file coming soon)
Best known for: Accompanying Chang' E on the moon

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Legend has it that three deities, diguised as poor old people, begged a fox, a monkey and a hare for food. The fox and monkey gave their food to the strangers, but the hare did not. Instead, the hare said "eat me," as it jumped into the fire. The three deities were so touched by the hare's sacrifice that they sent it to Guang Han Palace (广寒宫 guǎng hán gōng) - also known as the Moon Palace - where it became the Jade Hare, to accompany Chang' E (嫦娥 cháng'é), and create the Ellixir of Immortality

In another version of the story, the Moon Hare is Chang' E. After angering the Jade Emperor (玉帝 yù dì), he changed her into a hare, and as part of her punishment, once a month, she must provide other deities with the Ellixir of Immortality.

In another version, the Moon Hare was given to Chang' E, by the Queen Mother of the West (西王母 xī wáng mǔ) to keep her company. 

In another, the Moon Hare is Chang' E's husband, Hou Yi (后羿 hòu yì). He could not bare to be without his beloved wife and yerned to be by her side. He changed into a hare and his wish was granted. Sad thing about this version is that despite being reunited with his love, Chang' E is not aware that the Moon Hare is in fact her husband.