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Yan Zi Su is known as the Thousand Faced Fox Demon (千面妖狐 qiān miàn yāo hú) - fox demon much like a Nine-Tailed Fox (九尾狐 jiǔ wěi hú) - and is one of the Ten Great Female Demons of the Wilderness (大荒十大妖女 dà huāng shí dà yāo nǚ). She is particularly skilled with poison.

She changes her face every single day, each one more elegant and beautiful than the last. But despite her abilities, beneath her many faces lies a lonely and insecure soul. Years of hiding herself from the world and never showing her true face has left her fragile, bitter, defensive, and extremely dangerous.



Yan Zi Su 晏紫苏 (yàn zǐ sū)
Status: Demon
Gender: Female
Pronunciation: (audio file coming soon)
Best known for: Thousand faces

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