Classic of the Mountains North - First Mountain System 山海经北山经 山神(人头蛇身)

The first mountain system to the North, from Chuan Hu Mountain (单狐山 chuán hú shān) to Di Mountain (堤山 dī shān), is made up of 25 mountains and spans an area of 5,490 leagues. All the Mountain Gods [that reside here] have the body of a snake and the face of a human. 

Offering a sacrifice to the mountain gods: Sacrifice and place a chicken and a pig in wool, then place a Jade Gui1 on a Jade Artefact to worship [the Mountain Gods], and bury them in the ground. No rice is required for this ritual. 

1 A Jade Gui (玉珪 yù guī) is a symbolic piece of ornate jade, usually the size of a hand, shaped like a rectangle with rounded edges, or with one end pointed and the other flat. Though more elaborate shapes and designs have been discovered. They were used in ancient China ritualistically to worship or sacrifice to numerous Gods.

Mountain God 山神 (shān shén)
Status: Mountain God
Gender: Unknown
Pronunciation: (audio file coming soon)
Best known for: God with the body of a snake and face of a human

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Classic of the Mountains: North - First Mountain System