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Chu Jiang Wang, or King Chu Jiang, resides in the Second Court of Di Yu (地狱 dì yù), where he passes judgement on the souls (魂 hún) that are brought to his domain.

The Second Court of Di Yu is located under the Wo Jiao Stone (沃焦石 wò jiāo shí) that marks true south, which in-turn is located at the bottom of the Great Sea. The Second Court is said to be 800 leagues long and wide, and has 16 additional "sub" Di Yu. 

As the Yama of the Second Court, Chu Jiang Wang passes judgement on souls that have been sent to him by Qin Guang Wang (秦广王 qín guǎng wáng). These souls will have committed crimes of the following nature in their previous life on Earth - also known as the Yang Realm (阳间 yáng jiān):

Cause disaster(s) by deceiving the public and obtructing the law, abusing power to take advantage of people, cursing people, plotting to take someone's land or property, abducting children, forcing good people into prostitution, forming criminal gangs, dealing drugs, stealing from the people, extortion through gambling, illegal marriage, counterfeiting, selling counterfeit drugs, disrupting order, endangering health, etc. 

Depending on the severity of each individual crime they committed, the soul will go through 1, many, or all of the 16 sub Di Yu that reside within the Second Court. Each of the 16 Di Yu are named after the torture method that is used within. The souls are tortured in each sub Di Yu for a period of time that the Yama judges to be necessary. Should they "die" during the process, or if they lose a limb for example, the soul will be "repaired" or "resurrected" again for the next round. And so on, and so forth. 

Chu Jiang Wang 楚江王 
(chǔ jiāng wáng)
Status: God/Deity
Gender: Male
Pronunciation: (audio file coming soon)
Best known for: Presides over the 2nd Court of Di Yu

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Below is the name of each sub Di Yu roughly translated, in chronological order:

  1. Black Cloud & Sand 黑云沙 (hēi yún shā)
  2. Feces & Urine Mud 粪尿泥 (fèn niào ní)
  3. Five Spikes 五叉 (wǔ chā)
  4. Hunger 饥饿 (jī'è)
  5. Thirst (jiāo kě)
  6. Thick Blood 脓血 (nóng xuè)
  7. Copper Axe 铜斧 (tóng fǔ)
  8. Multiple Copper Axes 多铜斧 (duō tóng fǔ)
  9. Iron Armour 铁铠 (tiě kǎi)
  10. You Liang 幽量 (yōu liàng)
  11. Chicken 鸡 (jī)
  12. Grey River 灰河 (huī hé)
  13. Hack & Sever 斫截 (zhuó jié)
  14. Sword Leaves 剑叶 (jiàn yè)
  15. Jackels 狐狼 (hú láng)
  16. Freeze 寒冰 (hán bīng)


Some of the torture methods include being thrown into a pit of filth and left to drown, being thrown into a pool of blood and left to drown, being left naked in the freezing cold, and being torn apart by ravenous animals. 


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